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"Style Icon, Most Stylish, Awarded Dubai's Best Dressed Man & also known as the Most Eligible Bachelor by Ahlan Magazine Hot List of 30 under 30

There is much more to the man himself than what meets to the eye Juwan Aly

behind the perfect looking suit, polished etiquette, and a dazzling long hairs with an extraordinary sense of style, its almost impossible not to notice him in a gathering 


An Author, Fashion Designer, Hotelier, Art Connoisseur and loves Photography


Born and raised in a cosmopolitan city Dubai, 2008 when he started college studing business administration from American University of Dubai, as his family business required some business skills, which didn’t stop him to driving along his passion, he enrolled in a Fashion University just after a year of his bachelors in business administration, where he did his Degree in Fashion, learning the art history and the technicality of pattern making and design process in fashion industry 


Art connoisseur, art lover who is knowledgeable about works of art, in the sense of being able to recognise characteristic individual or regional styles, this skill is based on familiarity with a large number of pictures, and the ability to retain a visual memory of them.

Fashion Designer, Art and Design was always a part of Juwan's life creativity drawing and painting was an intrinsic need, however landing in a fashion career was happed by chance when a casting director approached him to walk for a runway show for Paris gallery, he was 17 of age, when he first walked for a fashion show, since than he was actively involved in fashion word, like fashion campaigns, runways shows, and offered an acting role in 2010 for a Tom Cruise film mission impossible for a party gathering, since the age of 17 he has been walked to various designers runway, and done many photoshoots for reputed brands, Thats when he realized after wearing other brands which he didn't liked most of the times the he decided to start his own menswear label with his knowledge in art history and fashion,​

Photography, In 2016, he photographed his first campaign and was immediately fascinated by photography. Movement behind the lens was another form of creative expression. His photographic vocabulary included silkscreens, polaroid transfers,, digital prints, platinumtypes and Fresson his prints. and the digital photography and camera's learning different types of lense


Hotelier, Since his father in a hotel business, from 36 years, Juwan wasn't interested in business side of the hotel but the architectural and interior design this is where he took the most interest in his hotels, along side been working with luxury hotels for special design and art projects such as creating murals in luxury hotels and other commercial venues.


Author, at the age of 35 now, almost 2 decades in art, fashion and design, this when he decided to put his knowledge in his book, which he calls a treasure for men, a very much to the point, more of refining the sense of style, giving you a key elements, items for your wardrobe, a timeless fashion for a long living wardrobe, book is not considered for a biggennir in fashion

Besides directing art on, Juwan has worked with some of the world's biggest luxury brands on digital campaigns and bespoke Menswear


Originally based in Dubai, Juwan Aly now Lives between, Germany and Dubai, and has also lived in Milan and Paris

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